Thailand 2015

Over winter break, I took a trip to Thailand to visit my brother and sister-in-law.  I spent a majority of the time in Bangkok, but also went up to Chang Rai for a few days.  Here are a few of the photos I took!

On the way there, I flew through Hong Kong.  Though my mind thought it was night time, I got there in time for a beautiful sunrise. 

On the first full day in Bangkok, my brother and I went to a few temples.  It was the second day of the New Year so a lot of people were visiting the temples to make merit to Buddha. Buddhists came to burn incense, give gifts, and pray.  

Everyone had to take off their shoes before heading into a temple. 

So many stupas! Very colorful stupas. 

A park near my brother and sister-in-law's reminded me of Seurat's park painting. 

Some guys were playing Sepak Takraw in the park.  It's volleyball but with feet and heads instead of hands. 

Asiatique is similar to Navy Pier in Chicago.  There's a giant ferris wheel and a ton of shops. 

... that I took a shameless selfie with...

We went to the Jim Thompson House, but couldn't take a ton of photos there.  So here's a tree. 

We went to a floating market which was really awesome. 

In Chang Rai, we had a wonderful tour that took us all around the northern part of Thailand. 

Hey Adam!

White temple

A fountain at the White Temple

After some jumping around to a few different spots, our last stop was a Hmong village.  This was the most exciting stop.  It was a little scary at first because we didn't know anyone there and we were just showing up unannounced, but the people there were friendly and our tour guide could communicate with the folks there.  

We talked to this man for quite some time (through our tour guide). We found out he had two wives, one of whom passed away, and 14 children. He was cutting through a bamboo like plant to make ties for their rice bags.  

As we were leaving, he pulled out a giant pipe and started to smoke tobacco. 

GOLDEN HOUR!!!! There were stray dogs everywhere. 

The next day, my brother and I took a cooking class.  We got all of the ingredients at the market.

In Bangkok, there were malls EVERYWHERE.

It was an amazing trip.  I can't wait until I can go back!

© Katie Klann | 2015